I started riding electric skateboards about a year and a half ago and not long after I founded Fatdaddy. Life has never been the same (transportation-wise) and I would like to share a couple of the reasons why I ride my electric scooter and electric skateboard in Amsterdam (even though they are currently not allowed).

The moment I get on my Boosted Mini X my commute changes from looking at my phone to seeing the surroundings enjoying the fresh air and seeing new streets in Amsterdam everyday. Before I started commuting with a small electric vehicle my commute was stressful; Am I going to make the metro? Will my connecting train be on time and I am going to be on time!? Not anymore! My mental fatigue is gone! And I noticed that when I get to the Fatdaddy Headquarters I am more relaxed and feel like I’ve done a small workout as well.

Enough about me let’s talk about the benefits for the city and the commuters in general.
First of all riding (small) electric vehicles as a last mile transportation is a great way to keep cars out of the cities. But it’s also a great alternative way to transport people and reduce the strain it has on the public transportation infrastructure.
In the meantime it will reduce the air pollution in the city where most cars are idling and waiting for traffic light to change.

Next to the benefits to our general health, the public transport system and the growth of the cities there is also a commercial benefit to all of this: We are creating a new economy. To create a new product like the Boosted Rev you need a lot of engineers, backoffice, customer support and logistics all run by people. All the people behind it have jobs that involve small electric transportation.

It’s common knowledge that the cities are growing fast and we need new ways of transportation to keep the people sane, healthy and moving around. I hope that local governments see the future like I do and start legalising the new forms of transportation. If your country legalised electric skateboards, electric scooters, Onewheels or anything please let me know in the comment of this post or on our shortlist where it’s legal and where it’s not.

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