[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We started a journey over 18 months ago here at Slick Revolution to create the very best electric skateboards and electric longboards at an affordable price. We explored every option of battery type, battery position, motor type and position, deck shape, material, you name it we looked in to it.

New technologies emerged around the time of our creating which were this:

Motor hubs and external motors. External motors fit on to an electric skateboard and power the drive wheel using a drive belt usually in a protective casing. We liked the look of this type of motor on an electric skateboard as it brought the rider closer to the inner workings of what powered the eboard they are riding.

Hub motors mean that the actual motor is within the wheel of the board. They look sleek as you can barely tell the board has a motor. Often with a slight metallic cine jutting out towards the centre of the axle.

Why we chose a separate motor for Slick Revolution electric skateboards.

Anyone who has ever ridden a longboard, skateboard or electric skateboard will know that they often feel every vibration pulsing through their legs when riding. This feeling is ever more present when riding an electric skateboard at say 20mph on smooth ground with bits of rocks, sand and grit. Now imagine you are the wheel which is taking all of that vibration and pounding. Our electric skateboard motors are tough things and there is very little to go wrong with them. We tested several hub motor electric skateboards and electric skateboards with external motors too. We found that because the hub motor only had a small layer of PU to cover the motor that riding with a hub motor produced even more vibration. Basically the motor wasn’t doing its job of absorbing small shocks as it was mostly made of… motor.

We knew that this would leave to inevitable damage of the motor and the lifetime of the wheel is severally reduced. We estimated that after just 200 miles of riding (especially with skid starts and skid braking) the wheel would have worn down to the motor.

If you are looking to commute on your electric skateboard, then that’s not very long at all.

We opted for a separate motor with protected drivebelt. The actual motor spins on its mounting and looks pretty awesome when riding. Until technology improves we think this is the way forward for electric skateboards.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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