Which electric skateboard is best for me?

It’s something we hear all the time, everyone has a different need, different budgets and different styles so we’ve smashed together all of the FAQ’s in a handy guide below to help you make up your mind.

Flex-E 2.0 Maple Deck

Who is this eboard best suited to?

The Flex-E 2.0 is a speed machine with awesome range to match. It has a standard longboard length so a wide stance makes it easy to balance and learn. If youve got the budget, look no further, this is the ticket to the best summer of your life.

Whats the difference between this board and the original Flex-E 1.0?

The 2.0 is upgraded in every way. Greater top speed, 7 miles more range, easy swap motors, 22V to 33V for better acceleration and speed. We have moved the LED display and USB ports on to the side of the battery for added protection too. Oh, plus our ranges and speeds are based in real riding not bench top tests or dreaming!

A cambered deck with more subtle convave, sweet griptape, deck design as well as small features like the move from conical to double barrel bushings, more control and more shredding. 

What makes this electric skateboard different to others out there?

The Flex-E 2.0 is the upgraded version of the hugely popular Flex-E. Compared to others on the market in the same price bracket, its faster, has more range, choice of wheels and of course a flexible and comfortable deck.

Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Fibre Deck

Whats the difference between the carbon and maple decks?

The 2.0 Carbon is the worlds first drop deck with a full urethane edge. The maple deck has urethane nose and tail protection.  The perfect mixture of carbon fibre and Italian poplar provides a super strong deck with Slick Revolution’s characteristic flexibility. We’re not just using carbon fibre for the sake of it, we’re harnessing its properties and characteristics to increase performance.

We’ve added 2 cross layups and a central strip which creates torsional stiffness, while allowing for the longitudinal flex needed for a comfortable ride.

It’s a piece of functional art and technology. 

Is it worth the upgrade?

If your budget can stretch to it, then yes. The upgrade means you have a slightly lighter deck, slightly longer deck as well as the added stability of the cradling effect and lower centre of gravity. We truly believe this is the best e-deck available. 

What makes this electric skateboard different to others out there?

The Carbon Signature deck is truly a work of art. Combining snowboard and skate technology in 1, its the worlds first drop deck with a full urethane edge. Shredding at speed is a whole new ball park and the carbon deck is designed to soak up vibrations and bumps at speed while remaining comfortable, controllable predictable.

Urban Kick 

Who is the Urban Kick best suited to?

The Urban kick is hugely popular with old school original skaters wanting a throwback to their youth. Its designed for a style of urban riding, play around with the kicktail, pop over bumps and tic tac away. 

Can I swap my deck to the Urban 80?

Absolutely. All of the components bolt on to the deck so in the future you can purchase the 80 deck and swap up your ride. 

What makes this electric skateboard different to others out there?

The Urban Kick is the only electric skateboard designed with true old school kicktail design in mind. Many have tried, many have failed. It’s true to form and old school in every way (besides the electronics of course).

Urban 80

Who is the Urban 80 best suited to?

Designed for the commuter, the Urban 80 is 80cm long and can be easily carried at your side by the front truck. Its got a great range and speed making it the only compact commuting companion you’ll ever need. 

Can I swap my deck to the Urban Kick?

Absolutely. All of the components bolt on to the deck so in the future you can purchase the Kick deck and swap up your ride. Plus me may introduce further deck variations.

What makes this electric skateboard different to others out there?

The Urban 80 is the perfect commuter, a balance between practicality and rideability. 15 miles of range and 25mph top speed make others in the same price range look amateur.

General FAQ

Which is best, Rough Stuff or Slick Wheels?

If youre shredding on smooth ground nothing beats the carving ability of the Slick Wheels. Huge contact patch for awesome grip. The rough stuff wheels have a little less grip when carving on smooth ground but have supreme comfort on most UK tarmac, rough, gritty and full of holes. 

Can I use these boards without power?

There’s a little resistance from the motors but if you run out of juice you can kick just like a regular longboard. In fact we encourage it when starting as you save juice and get your balance. 

Can I swap the Slick and Rough Stuff Wheels?

Absolutely, just swap the motor covers to the smaller ones, swap the wheels and you’re ready to go. Plus some new wheels launching this year will fit too, exciting times!

Can I take these boards on an aeroplane?

None of Slick Revolutions boards can travel by air. The Watt Hours are too great. There are boards on the market which can travel on planes but they generally have a low range.

Still not sure which electric skateboard is best for you? Drop us an email on info@slickrevolution.co.uk, check out some more info here or give us a call on 02380 007 230

6 thoughts on “Which electric skateboard is best for me?

  1. Mark M says:

    Ive been riding the Urban 80 for a week or so now and love it. Can really recommend it to someone looking for a good board. It fits perfectly in my car and trips to the beach with the dog are a little faster now! Thanks for making such a great piece of kit.

  2. Emily Davies says:

    Been deciding between the models for my son and this has helped him (me) make my mind up. It was me you spoke to earlier guys, super helpful.

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