At Fatdaddy we receive lots’s of questions about the cool electric vehicles we sell. You answer these questions via phone, email and social media. In addition, you’ll be busy solving problems with orders such as defects and returns. Cleared the inbox and have some time left? Then you can work on optimizing customer service: what are the most common questions, and where are the areas for improvement of our customer service? You map these out and together we’ll improve them.

In the initial period we will give you a training in Amsterdam so that you can work independently with our systems afterwards. Don’t worry, we are always ready to help you with tough questions.

Given the situation with corona, it is possible to work largely from home after the training.

Function requirements:
– You speak and write Dutch and English fluently.
– You enjoy helping people in a new industry.
– You are interested in the eCommerce/Retail industry.
– You have affinity with the vehicles Fatdaddy sells.

In two years, Fatdaddy has become one of the biggest players in Europe for cool emobility. No boring e-bike for grandma, but awesome rides that meet our quality standards. We offer an informal working atmosphere where you can learn a lot about the processes behind retail and e-commerce.

Do you have any questions or would you like to apply for a job? Mail to with subject Vacancy Customer Stoke Team.

3 thoughts on “Vacancy: Customer Stoke Team

  1. David McKinnon says:

    Hello and good afternoon. I am very interested in joining in some capacity. I have experience in startups ie; Tesla Motors, Speck Products, Symantec, Lyft, Uber, DoorDash among others. Played a large role in Mergers and Operations. Supply Chain Material Management. Over 20 years in Customer Service and Supplier Relationship Management.

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