We are open for business in the US! With brexit looming and as the UK is soon to float off in to the Atlantic (much closer the US) we thought there was no better time to ramp up our US game!

We can now ship our eboards straight from our manufacturer to the US, saving you the double postage cost and of course VAT in the EU. US Shipping is pretty pricey but chucking in in for free will help the US esk8ers join the Revolution!

US customers can now use coupon code SHIP10 for 10% off and free shipping. That is an awesome deal meaning you’re paying a very similar price to UK and European customers, something which has held back the US eboard scene for some time. Still plenty of Baa Baa Boosted sheep out there but now its a level playing field. Oh wait, SR have more range, more speed and come in at a more affordable price. Win Win!

Have you joined the Revolution? Check out our range of eboards here

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