It took a while but the container with Onewheel Pint X’s arrived at the Fatdaddy warehouse in Amsterdam and is now being distributed over our stores.

I’ve you’ve placed a pre-order your Onewheel Pint X will be shipped out directly with UPS overnight meaning you’ll be shredding the road by tomorrow afternoon.

We ship the Onewheel Pint X with UPS overnight meaning that if you order before 1500 you will receive you Onewheel Pint X not later than the next day (although it’s in the hands of the UPS gods). We ship to every EU country for free.

So don’t wait until the stock runs dry again. Order your Onewheel Pint X today and be shredding by tomorrow!

Which Onewheel is best for me?

There are 4 different kinds of Onewheels, although the Onewheel XR is EOL (End Of Life, meaning that they are discontinued like the Nokia 3310) while writing this blogpost we have about 300 of them left.

To make life easier we’ve created the list below which should make deciding a lot easier.

Onewheel GTOnewheel XROnewheel Pint XOnewheel Pint
Speed 20 mph
32 kmh
19 mph
30 kmh
18 mph
28 kmh
16 mph
25 kmh
Range20-32 mi
32-50 km
12-18 mi
19-28 km
12-18 mi
19-28 km
6-8 mi
9-12 km
Optional fendersYesYesYesYes
Motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor
Easy to carryNahIshYesYes
Charge time120 minutes60 minutes225 minutes120 minutes
Colors GreenBlue2 Colors 2 Colors
Price (EU)€2450€1999€1625€1175
BuyIn EuropeIn EuropeIn EuropeIn Europa

When you buy your Onewheel from Fatdaddy you are sure that you’ll be getting the best service when something happens. From replacements when your Onewheel is FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) to mediation between you and Future Motion when needed, we got you covered.

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