The best stash and go electric skateboards

If you want to move around the city quickly, you don’t want to think about storage space at your destinations or having to do heavy lifting when your carrying your board indoors. This is why we are such a big fan of so called Stash and Go electric skateboards, often referred to as Mini’s.

Having a smaller board does not mean you have to compromise. Premium models like the Boosted Board Mini X deliver even more power and battery life compared to other electric skateboard brands, but at a much smaller size. A unique feature of having a Mini is that you get a hard deck with a kicktail, which you don’t see often. This is great for additional maneuvering. The Mini X is the most reliable short deck on the market.

If your looking for a more affordable mini board we would recommend the Elwing Nimbus. Weighing just 4.7 kg and being a short deck with a kicktail this is a great first step into electric skateboarding. If you are already experienced with skating in general you will feel right at home with the deck. Priced at 499,- this is a great alternative to the Mini X if your wanting to buy a short deck on a tighter budget. Still shredds.

We recommend a short deck, aka a Mini electric skateboard if you need a board that you can stash away under your desk at work, or take with you on the train. We have found out that it’s small enough to take anywhere really, even unexpected trips to the cinema or restaurant with your date. Stuff that you don’t really want to try with a longer board.

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