The Denzel Truvor electric motorcycle was created by East Gem. They launched their Honda-inspired variants called Denzel Electric Cafe Racers back in 2017. Now there is a completely new electric motorcycle that has been implemented in the style of a scrambler.

The driving force behind Denzel Truvor was Pablo Baranoff Dorn, a designer from Barcelona.  The new model is produced from a carbon chassis with an electric drive train. Depending on the setup, the chain-driven Truvor weighs between 65 and 75 kg. There is a DNM MT200 on the front and a DNM-MK on the rear wheel. The synchronous motor provides up to 12000 W at its peak . In addition, a DECO-M 257A control is used here and the speed is limited to 5000 rpm. 

The DenzeL Truvor should go about 60 to 100 km/h and a range of 60 to 150 km is possible according to the manufacturer. In addition, the batteries can be easily replaced, so that a later upgrade is possible. The wheels are either 17 inches (approx. 43 cm) or a combination of 19 inches (approx. 48 cm) and 17 inches (approx. 43 cm) at the rear. 

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