It has been a long time coming but we are extremely proud to present our brand spanking new website.

What we focussed on:

  1. User experience
  • Slick Revolutions website is now a lot easier to navigate with a simpler and more responsive menu design. We have moved some headings to the footer and kept the most important ones in the top menu bar.
  • Better design. Put simply the website is just a nicer place to be and provides a better user experience.
  1. New sections
  • We have added a Support section which includes an updated ‘FAQ’ style page. This is further split in to Maintenance, Hardware, Getting Started and Buying Advice and Info. A one stop shop for all of your queries and questions. Of course if you cant find the answer to your queries we’ve got all of the ways to get in touch on the support section.
  1. Uniformity
  • We have had all of our electric skateboards, accessories and spare parts professionally photographed for one big reason. We want you to see them in the highest possible quality!
  • A new zoom feature allows you to see them up close and personal.
  • The new website design is uniform and the same style throughout.
  1. Compare eboards
  • A new feature allows you to select and compare our electric skateboards next to one another in a simple and easier to follow table. Check it out here
  1. Speed
  • Nothing is more frustrating than watching a loading bar, our previous site wasn’t slow but the new one is certainly faster, better all round. We have a content delivery network (CDN) so you’ll always be on a local (and faster) server.

Why have we done all of this? We are stepping up our game in a number of ways. Previously our site didn’t match the awesomeness of our electric skateboards – now it does!

2 thoughts on “Slick Revolutions Brand New Website!

  1. Interested person who loves the color red says:

    Can you offer an option to select wheel color for the flexible max E board it would be interesting to see if people would purchase Bast on color preference .

    Like me I personally want the red slick Revolution Wheels all terrain however I’m kind of hesitant or not interested in purchasing a board because I would have to purchase the board and then the additional Wheels to get the color I want it
    So if you sold it with the option to choose your Wheel Color that would be awesome ..
    Also I live in United States so it would be all so cool if you could provide the website in English to maybe with a toggle so that I could select the US version of the website..

    • Slick Revolution says:

      Only the Flex-Eboard currently comes as standard with Rough Stuff wheels so for our other electric skateboards you would need to purchase them separately. Also, our website is in English, did it appear in a different language for you?


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