Meeting with Jason Bradbury in Spain

What started as an email ended up in a last minute trip to meet the one and only Jason Bradbury famous for presenting the Gadget Show among many others TV programmes.

We knew Jason Bradbury was well in to his tech and so we got in touch with regards to sending him a Flex-Eboard, our new Kickstarted Electric skateboard. To our disappointment he said that he was away travelling the world but then said “why not come to Spain, flights are cheap and its great place for electric skateboarding”.

So that was it, we were on our way to Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain (and Europe). We met Jason at a café and took the eboards for a ride. His son joined in on the Min-Eboard and was soon riding at full speed. Jason Bradbury had already scouted out some great riding locations (besides the 3 mile beach front) so we were all set.

We took out the Carbon Flex-Eboard, the Max-Eboard 2.0 and the Min-Eboard. If you haven’t seen about the Max-E 2.0 check out the info here.

Jason was already pretty familiar with electric skateboards and so was happy to ride at speed in tricky locations – perfect. Watching Jason talk about the Flex-Eboard and Rough Stuff Wheels was truly impressive. The way he could talk knowledgeably and quickly about all aspects of them with just a few brief prompts was truly inspiring to watch. His experience in TV had honed his presenting skills and it was great to watch.

Jason has now left television and is currently travelling around the world with his wife and 3 kids. He is looking to focus on his Youtube and social media channels over his travels around the world. Check out his channel for the latest… link below.

So back to the riding. We set off along the beach front to key locations for the shoots as well as grabbing a taxi to some of the mural graffiti buildings you may have seen on our Instagram page. We shot for about 4 hours or so with Robert capturing riding shots on the GoPro Gimble as well as a DSLR.

We would love to give you a minute by minute account of the awesome few days but yu may as well watch it for yourself below:

Check out his awesome review here

Jason deos menton in his review about the controller but we are working on a new one which will be released in the next few months!

Check out the Flex-Eboard here

Check out the Rough Stuff Wheels here

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