Adapt or Die

This is true for many businesses including the electric skateboard industry. Things are moving so fast that companies come and go. New customers have lost almost all trust in electric skateboard crowdfunding campaigns after so many scams and 3 year waiting times! So the only real way to emerge in the market and stay ahead is to keep on innovating and provide outstanding customer service – all in a days work for Slick Revolution.

Even some of the big boys are only just switching to 18650’s and only releasing new models every 4 years, they’ve lost out on a lot of the market not sorting issues sooner and letting the likes of us to match their specs and take their market. Others are diversifying into Scooters, still innovating I guess, but to something much much less cool. You know that 🙂

Slick Revolution continue to adapt not just in our electric skateboards but with accessories too, which brings me on to our next brand ethos…

adapt or die slick revolution

If it doesn’t exist, create it. If it exists badly, do it better.

There are a ton of electric skateboard brands out there, some good, some great, most bad. Many use off the shelf stock parts from China (nothing wrong with that, it’s how we started) but this model no longer works, there is just too much crap out there. Rather than settling for inferior parts, Slick Revolution now manufacture our own unique parts. No longer relying on others which don’t do the job as well. We were the first to develop an intentionally flexible battery case, now copied by many.

Yeah there are plenty of esk8 backpacks and bags out there, are any of them perfect? No, so we designed and created the perfect one which launches in September of this year and not wanting to leave anyone out, it works with all brands of electric skateboard.

Does the perfect esk8 wheel exist? No. The new Foamies are pretty close using all the benefits of the grippy urethane and comfort of an all terrain wheel. We didnt just want to stick some bigger slick wheels off the shelf at 100mm and rebrand them. We stood back and thought how we could create something truly special and we did it. More info on the Foamies very soon.

slick revolution idea

Great customer service is cheap, bad customer service is expensive

What do we mean by this? Offering great customer service, is keeping up with emails, answering phone calls, sending tracking info and repairing boards super fast. All fairly straight forward and all cheap to do, but it takes effort. Bad customer service costs the business in poor reviews, annoyed customers and reduced sales. Not what anyone wants.

Check out over 125 5* reviews on trustpilot. Our main rival removed trustpilot from their site after quite a few 1 stars. Have a quick google, it makes for interesting reading. Our great customer service has helped us stand out and is one of the reasons we are growing and growing. Why buy abroad with no support, noone to call and no help when you need it?

customer service slick revolution

Wear a lid, it protects the brains behind Slick Revolution

We want to encourage safe riding wherever we go, riding without a helmet is pretty stupid. If you think you don’t need a helmet, you either arent riding hard enough or youve been extremely lucky so far. If you’ve esk8ed for a while you’ll know that some things are out of your control, that pothole you didn’t see, the dog darting out from behind a bush or the lapse in concentration.

The SR team always wear helmets at the very least, if we are riding somewhere new or more dangerous (45 degree velodrome) we will pad up too. It’s simply not worth the risk to look ‘cooler’ without a helmet, plus our triple eight helmets look pretty awesome. What doesn’t look cool is a serious head injury or worse. We look after ours and you should look after yours!

slick revolution helmet

We will take over the world, 1 electric skateboard at a time

It’s happening, we are growing and growing, the Revolution is here. Come to our new HQ and see what its all about.

slick revolution taking over the world

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