[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have the Off-road Monster and the Dual Max-Eboard electric longboards. Now we’re working on a cross-breed with all the great features from both eboards.

The Off-road monster is truly amazing in its riding ability and power. It can ride up 20degree slopes with an 80kg rider on top. Sitting at 20mph on tarmac or grass for up to 15 miles.With the huge Lithium Ion battery under the deck this electric longboard has power, speed and a huge range – everything you need in this kind of eboard. With its huge wheels and battery, the weight of the Off-road monster inevitably crept up to 22.5kg. Although sounding heavy the power makes up for it when riding.

The Dual Max-Eboard is exceptional for cruising the streets with two 1200W motors it can cruise easily up 15 degree slopes and sit comfortably at 25mph on the flat. This machine is designed for smooth tarmac. With its small PU wheels, it can soak up small bumps but the difference between rough tarmac and smooth is quite big and has a large impact on the speed and performance. Weighing in at just 8.5kg and with an integrated Lithium Ion battery this electric longboard is lightweight, manoeuvrable and sleek looking. The Dual Max-Eboard Electric Longboard has a Fibre Glass and Bamboo Deck for huge strength and some flexibility.

We have been working hard to design a board which has the rugged traits of the Off-Road Monster Electric longboard but the lightweight and sleek design of the Dual Max-Eboard.

Introducing the Beast-Eboard…

We’ve taken the deck from the Dual Max-Eboard and added some extra rugged but lightweight aluminium trucks and wheels. We’ve also added larger tyres with sleek tread to reduce rolling resistance when riding on tarmac. Our customer feedback told us that most people like riding on smooth tarmac and so we wanted the best of both worlds. Larger tyres to roll over pebbles and bumps but smooth grip to effortlessly cruise on tarmac. An upgraded Lithium Ion battery secured in the fibre glass and bamboo deck keep the design sleek and ground clearance to a maximum. This thing is a beast and truly one of the best electric longboards on the market.

We’re looking to launch in the New Year after our final tests. Well keep you updated…


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