Sorry to clickbait you with the title but I just wanted to make a quick blog on our ambassadors and affiliates. (The £200 off is still relevant to the blog).

If you haven’t signed up to our affiliate program you can click this link here

Our Affiliates are customers just like yourself who want to spread the word for Slick Revolution and help your mates out with a small discount. A great way to help you out as you help us out.

Our Ambassadors are people who fly the flag for Slick Revolution which goes beyond word of mouth. These are people, lets call them super fans, who help out Slick Revolution in any way they can. That’s providing us with photographs, videos, posting online, helping us at events and they’re a great network for us to help spread the word for now, across Europe. Something which we will never do is offer our ambassadors to incentivise sales through associate links, discounts or referrals. Nothing screams BS more than ‘look how great these electric skateboards are, I use mine every day! By the way use coupon code xyzzy for £200 off.’ Really? Does that show you honest intent from the ambassador? We dont believe it does and so it’s not something we will ever do. Inflate our prices then offer codes all over the place? No thanks, its not honest and its not good business practice.

Our Ambassadors who we hope to grow in 2019 are people who contact us, people who want to be part of the revolution rather than make a quick buck. We look after our ambassadors with eboards, accessories and goodies but in an honest and upfront way.

Think you could be an ambassador? Contact us on info@slickrevolution.co.uk

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