Thank you Elwing for sending us the Nimbus your first flagship Electric Skateboard.

The price has been lowered to 499 euro. This makes the Elwing a really good companion for the daily commute (and also fun to buy). Head over to our shop and order this little monster!

The specs

Nimbus is an electric skateboard for those who love board sports. With a top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph) at only 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.), it’s a veritable powerhouse for its size. But glide is not only a question of speed. Every little detail counts. The pronounced concave shape of the Canadian maple deck ensures excellent control. The kicktail will help you to get over and around any obstacle. The wheel wells allow aggressive turns, and the handle makes it easy to carry. The wheels are large and soft for maximum comfort on any surface. Reinforced precision trucks provide an extra boost when coming out of curves. The motorensures that the board glides silently and intuitively, even when coasting in free-wheel.

  • Speed30 km/h (19 mph) top speed in Sport mode and 15 km/h (9 mph) cruising speed in City mode.
  • Range10 km (6 miles) of adrenaline in Sport mode and up to 15 km (9 miles) of carving in City mode.
  • Modes: Two riding modes for every style and skill level, as well as a child safety that deactivates the Sport mode.
  • Recharge90 min. for a full charge, 45 min. with the quick charger (we tested the regular charger). The battery is a LG Lithium-ion battery.

The packaging

The Nimbus is packed in a special box with the specs of the Elwing Nimbus on the outside. The serial number is also mentioned there. There is a print of the Elwing on the topside of the box. The packaging in general gives me the impression that Elwing really know what they are doing.

What’s inside?

Right of the bat you see the Nimbus with her beautiful concave deck. The login is cut into the griptape and the hole in the front for easy carrying is implemented beautiful into the deck. Implemented in the foam to prevent the board from damaging there is a small box with the Charger, Remote, T-Tool and a EU and UK adapter. The manual is really detailed

Riding Experience

Although it’s just a single 500W hubmotor it feels really powerful. Also the braking is really good. With the Concave deck the board is responsive and your feet easily adapts to the curve. The remote looks like a normal electric skateboard remote but it hides a small feature that is also to found at A++ boards like the Boostedboard; the joystick can be used to go forward, brake and reverse, without having to (accidentally) switch a button. The only downside to this remote are the AAA-batteries (which they include!) although the battery on the board includes a USB 2.0 there is no way to charge your remote, I hope Elwing will change this in future products.


The Nimbus is the first electric skateboard that includes a ‘kids mode’. You can activate the Kids Safety mode by setting a small button in the remote to slow or fast. The slow mode includes lower speeds, smooth acceleration and smooth braking.  


The Elwing Nimbus E1 500 is a perfect companion for a daily commute. The integrated hubmotor makes more sound than a regular but is also have a smoother curve when accelerating and braking. The 85A wheels prevent wheelbite and the ABEC11 bearings will ensure that your ride is smooth. The shape of the deck is nice and feels right. Although the price of 799 euro it’s definitley a board we would recommend it because of the ride and range.

2 thoughts on “Review of the Elwing Nimbus (E1 500)

  1. michael says:


    Do you know if it is possible to pair another remote to this? For example if I loose it, are there universal remotes that can be paired?


  2. Tijl says:

    BIG UPDATE! The price has been lowered to 499 euro. This makes the Elwing a really good companion for the daily commute (and also fun to buy). Head over to our shop and order this little monster!

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