It’s been almost 6 months since my last review with the Linky. A lot has changed since, not only at FatDaddy, also with Linky. They managed to eat all the bugs in the software and the first batch of Indigogo orders are shipped. Linky send us a special Carbon version with yellow wheels, you usually get black or red wheels. The yellow wheels are just.. Well I like yellow…

The specs

Range – 18KM on smooth surfaces Hill grade – 12% Max load – 100KG Top Speed – 30 km/h The Linky is build for daily commute and easy usage. You find this in every part of the design. From the two-click system for folding to the build in LED light to see and be seen. Although I still think that the motor on the left front wheel feels weird the ride is still as good as the last one was. The Linky disconnecting issue have been resolved and the ride is smooth and the footpads really make a big difference when carving (or what I call carving).

Linky is easy to use, though you’ll want to have good balance and be at least minimally sporty. We recommend wearing athletic shoes and protective equipment when using Linky.

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