Electric Skateboards at the Tech Talk Show Podcast

Slick Revolution recently featured on the Tech Talk Podcast in London presented by Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford. We were talking about one thing… electric skateboards!

Check out the full podcast here: http://techtalkshow.co.uk

Here is an extract from the TechTalk website:

So it seems this week that Apple could be ready to make a landmark decision by ceasing production on the iPhone X after sales figures flopped. Oh dear. We never make a bad podcast here at TechTalk though, and you don’t need to lose a limb to listen to us either.

Variety was the name of the game this week as Sue Nelson and Sarah Luxford talked robots, electric skateboards and travel in the space of one hour. Impressive.

First up was Dr Sandy Enoch and his buddy, Marty. Sandy did all the talking and is the brains behind the business but all the eyes were on the robot that he has developed. Through the Robotical Ltd team, Marty was created to teach kids how to code. He loves a dance too. What a little legend.

Marty is quite a small chap and could easily sneak into the suitcase of our next guest, Tamara Lohan. It would be a good move for the robot, because Tamara is the CEO of Mr & Mrs Smith – a travel brand selling, quite literally, the best hotel rooms on the planet. She explained the difficulties she’s faced and how she’s using tech to beat the giants in the travel industry.

Our final guest brought the show to a close by introducing our transport home. Forget public transport – you need a Slick Revolution electric skateboard. Yep, Robert Simpson showed off his amazing electric skateboard which are making waves in the eboard industry. His products can travel up to 25mph and have the best range in the industry. This is the best way to get around the city, bar none.

Check it out here: http://techtalkshow.co.uk (skip to 40 minutes where the interview moves to Slick Revolution.)

Check out our range of electric skateboards here: http://slickrevolution.co.uk


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