Its almost over! Infact this is just the start!

With 46 hours to go we are agonisingly close to our next stretch goal. Can you help us reach it? The last couple of weeks have generally trended upwards on Kickstarter with a few backers dropping out of the running. But hey, their loss right? The range of boards on Kickstarter will never ever be anywhere near as cheap as they are right now! They’re an absolute bargain for incredible specs and tons of unique features.

We should have some reviews coming out about the boards soon as well as some cool videos. Did you see the Flex-E 2.0 pulling a car? Check it out below…

Robert will be heading to our manufacturer in a couple of weeks to go through everything with a fine tooth comb and finalise the design points to our exact specifications. Moulds are in production and the boards will be going in to production very soon.

For now, get sharing and telling others about our awesome boards. The Revolution is here and you are part of it!

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