So the time has come to move – again. For those of you who have called in to our premises at Basepoint you will know that our current place is a little small for purpose and we have now definitely outgrown it. 

Bring on the new HQ! Just a couple of miles away from our current premises near Romsey, Southampton. 

About the new HQ.

The new HQ is roughly 4 x the size with 7 x the floor area of our current premises (Unit 49). It’s got quite a few different areas and we want it to become a hub for electric skateboards. A place to hang out, recharge and relax. Its also links up with the Sustrans national cycle network. So perfect riding out of the door!


Office – Where all the magic happens, computers, emails and phone calls. The brains of Slick Revolution. Here you can check out some of our signed decks, the timeline/history of Slick Revolution and some of our oldest decks and parts plus how we have progressed over the years.  

Recharge– Grab a coffee or beer and chill out on our retro gaming consoles and comfy sofas. Hang your electric skateboard up to recharge ready for your next ride. 

Display – Admittedly the most awesome part of the new HQ. See all of our latest boards and products. Plus take them for a test ride. Chat to the team and find the best electric skateboard for you. 

Repair and Packaging – The boring but essential part. Getting riders back up and running as soon as possible and getting new riders their boards and accessories sent out. It all happens in here.

Development and Printing Area – Vinyl Stickers, Custom T shirts and 3D printing, if it doesnt exist, create it.  If it exists badly do it better. 

We are super excited about the move as Slick Revolution grows and grows. Taking over the world 1 electric skateboard at a time. 

Call in for a coffee or beer and find us here: (from Early August)

Slick Revolution
Unit 13 Belbins Business Park
Cupernham Lane

Just 10 miles from Southampton with easy road and train connections.

We hope to see you there at our Summer Party!

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