[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Slick Revolution’s Min-Eboard electric skateboard. The Little brother to the Max-Eboard electric longboard and officially the world’s smallest production electric skateboard!

Top speed of 20mph, 12.4-mile range, fast recharge time and powerful electric regenerative brakes. The spec is pretty much identical to the Max-Eboard besides the length, deck shape and therefore handling.

  • Powerful protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery and 1200w electric brushless motor.

With auto-cutoff technology, the Min-Eboard’s battery stops charging when full so there’s no chance of overcharging or damaging the battery.

  • USB output to charge any tech straight from the board.

The wireless controller can be charged straight from the electric skateboard via a USB cable. You can charge anything which has a USB cable too, like your phone, so you’ll never run out of juice when riding.

  • Dust proof and anti-splash protected casing.

No electric skateboard or any eboard is truly waterproof but we’ve done the best we can. The dustproof motor casing keeps out dust and also splashes. We don’t recommend riding your electric longboard through water or in wet conditions however.

  • Regenerative braking- when you brake, the battery charges.

Free energy? Yep! Just like when a car coasts downhill it essentially runs the motor backwards, this in turn charges the battery up. Don’t expect a full charge after a short downhill though. It may just give you that extra juice you need!

  • ABEC-7 super smooth bearings and 88A hardness PU wheels with 85% rebound.

There’s no use in a top of the range electric skateboard with cheap tyres right? You wouldn’t stick old tires on your new Ferrari so why on the Min-Eboard electric skateboard? These wheels are specifically designed for an electric skateboard. With enough spring to cruise over small pebbles and grit but hard enough to keep you rolling quickly.

  • 18cm Magaluma gravity cast truck with 6mm raiser pad.

Lightweight trucks offer excellent control and greater maneuverability. You control the board not the other way round.

  • Ergonomic wireless controller

With 3 speed settings and 1-month standby time, it also charges straight from the electric skateboard via a USB cable.

  • Cruise control at any speed

Just by clicking the button on the wireless controller you can activate the cruise control. At any speed you can stay at that speed until you break or accelerate to turn off the cruise control. Simple and easy to use.

Min-Eboard Electric Skateboard[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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