March, where are you?!

We are still on course for late March for stock landing in our warehouse. Then begins the super exciting task of packing orders and shipping brand new electric skateboards off to super excited customers.

Electric skateboard new range

Although the goal for fast chargers was reached we still have a lot of testing to do on these. The adaptors are arguably the most important aspect of electric skateboard safety and we still have a lot of testing to do before these can be shipped out to customers so for now the standard chargers will be included. We will keep you updated on when the fast chargers will be available to buy (At a discounted rate for kickstarter backers).

The new carbon deck is in production and boy is it looking good. This will be available for the Flex-E 2.0. The Urban 80 and Kick have smaller wheelbases and as such the flex isn’t as important as with the 2.0, however the Kick is thicker to have less flex and a more useable kicktail. The deck makes use of the carbon fibres properties rather than using it as a fancy looking wrap which is becoming more commonplace with lots of brands recently. We will be posting more photos and information soon.

The first production boards arrived in our office just last week and we are super pleased with the results. Things have continued to step up with super high quality and everything you would expect from a premium electric skateboard, besides the price. We were hoping to get the new range in a little earlier but did have a slight delay which was accounted for in our timeline. 


Electric skateboard new range

New Esk8 Rucksack

We are launching a new esk8 rucksack! With other manufacturers disappearing off the face of the earth it seemed a fitting time to get our own in production. If you’ve got any suggestions please post them on here:

or comment on this blog post below.

It will be made in Yorkshire and we want to create the best esk8 rucksack not just for Slick Revolution boards but for (almost) every board. Of course, just like eboards, there is no 1 solution perfect for each individual or each board. So we won’t be launching on Kickstarter but should have the new bags some time in the summer. Please get your comments and ideas in early before things progress too far for any changes. 

We do have a new carryall bag coming soon and these will arrive at the same time as the new boards. A little different to the new backpack above but still super useful to chuck boards in the car or pack away neatly at home. 

Thats all for now folks but on a side note we have a £100 voucher running (coupon code SR100) on all of our electric skateboards so grab a bargain while you can!

Check out the new range here

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