With the approval of micromobility by the Ministry of Transport, cities will be able to apply the new circulation rules for electric skateboards, electric scooters and other small forms of electric transportation.

The new so-called 2019 Budget law allows cities to make their own rules on how to handle small electric mobility. The can be allowed in pedestrian areas, footpaths, cycle paths, cycle lanes and reserved lanes. We are not aware of a city that adopted their own version.

If this new form of mobility needs license plates or if you need to pay road tax is not clear for us. Although we think that this will not be the case since regulating this will be too much work, and we all know that the Italians love to work…

There are some requirements; “It will be mandatory for scooters and micromobility to have horns; to circulate after dark and before first light, all devices will have to be equipped with front lights and retroreflectors. In their absence, they will have to be pulled or transported by hand.”

They will also have to be fitted with a speed regulator that can be adjusted according to the speed limits in force (e.g. 6 km/h in pedestrian zones). These devices can only be used by adults, while minors of 14 and above can use them only if they have an AM license, the permit required to ride 50 cc motorcycles. Finally, it is forbidden to carry passengers or pull anything behind.  Maximum speed is yet to be disclosed but we expect it to be between 20km/h to 30km/h. A noticeable addition to the proposal is that users that drive during the night will need to wear high-visibility jackets or braces.

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