If you want your electric skateboard to go long, its maintenance is very important. Proper care of electric skateboards not only increases the lifespan but also improves the quality of some parts. In this article, we will discuss how to do the maintenance of an electric skateboard.


Make sure that the charging port is closed and the machine is turned off. Take a moist piece of cloth and clean the deck and all other external sides of the electric skateboard. Do not use a completely wet cloth or else the water will enter the lodging of the charging port. A slightly damp fabric won’t do any harm to the electric skateboard.


To maximize the life of the battery, it would be ideal if you completely charge the battery in time after each utilization. 

The battery of an electric skateboard is the main part of it. Everyone desires to keep the battery to run as long as possible. This is an expensive part of the skateboard and needs to be protected carefully. The optimum temperature for an electric skateboard’s battery is between 10-30℃. You should not attempt to utilize it under extremely high or low temperatures or else the battery will deteriorate fast. As a result, its capacity will be brought down. If the battery timing keeps on reducing, the range of your device will also be decreased.

For those who seldom use their electric skateboards, should ideally store it in a dry, cold room and completely charge the battery. You should also keep a minimum of 80% of the charge and should charge the electric skateboard once in 20 days.


While riding, you can sometimes hear a noisy sound, if it’s not too much trouble apply a couple of ointments on the bushing and pivot cup to diminish the resistance. 

If it’s not too much trouble examine the front and back truck daily and fix the nut if it turns out to be excessively free. 

The tightness of the trucks is controlled by the bolt. While you are skating, the bolt focuses straight to the ground and is seen among the wheels. 

With the help of a wrench or a skating tool, you can easily tighten it up.

Regularly see the front wheels of the skateboard to check whether there is any genuine damage or cut. Also, check if the wheels are being trapped or there is any weird sound. 

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