Cost to run an electric skateboard and price per charge, all the info…

So you want to join the Slick Revolution but you’re not sure how much it costs once you’ve actually bought an electric skateboard. We consulted a top mathematician (Rob the founder, has previously counted to well over 1000 and has an A in GCSE maths to do some of the calculations for us ;))

Let’s take the Flex-E 2.0 as our example to perform a simple calculation. The adaptor/charger draws 50-60 Watts which means on a 6 hour charge the maximum draw is around 0.345kWh averaged (kilowatt hours).

At £0.13 per kw x 0.345 = £0.045 per charge

( average kWh rate as at March 2019)

Price per mile

The Flex-E 2.0 has a real world range of 19 miles.

(£0.045) 4.5p/19  = (£0.0024) 0.24p per mile

Or around (£0.0015) 0.15p per km.

Yes you read that right, a ¼ of a penny per mile! Plus you don’t need to top up your energy with extra food and drink like you might if you were walking or cycling. Although who doesn’t stop for a drink in the sun when they’re out for a ride?

So if you’re looking to swap out your commute, take the back route or shortcut, avoid the traffic and save some money then a Slick Revolution electric skateboard wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Over a year with let’s say an average of 5 miles per day…

365 x 5 = 1825 miles per year.

1825 x £0.0024 = £4.32 per annum

Which is roughly a couple of bus rides or the cost of a single tube journey.

There are some small costs…

Maintenance and Repair

In terms of maintenance there is only a little to do on your eboard. We have a full list of information here:

The only real expense is replacing belts which wear out from time to time and are relatively inexpensive at £19.99 for a set of 2.

If you want to keep your bearings running smooth then you can replace these or relube with our Ionic Flux lube here:

So what are you waiting for? Start saving money, reducing congestion, reducing air pollution and owning your commute!

So how much does it cost to run an electric skateboard – chips!

Check out our range of electric skateboards here.

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