How to setup your Unity in 2 minutes

The following video will provide you with the basic idea of how to set things up with Unityhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7MtbMTKrOs

How to adjust braking and acceleration on your Unity

First, be sure that your Unity is up to date by following this guide 1

Connect your Unity

You should power the board on, open the app and click on “Scan” and “Connect Bluetooth”(mobile device)


click on the “Connect” tab in the UI and click “Connect USB” (PC or Mac)

The bottom of the screen will say “Connected to xxxxxx”

Max motor current can be increased or decreased to allow for more or less acceleration. Remember, the higher that value, the less range and the more heat your motors will make!

Max brake current can be increased or decreased to allow for more or less braking power. If you are a heavier rider, you may want to increase that value, otherwise the stock setting is seems to work fine for all!

Whether you are on the Iphone, Android Mac or PC version of the UI, the screen should look the same or very similar.

You will need to find the ‘config’ top tab and the ‘motor calibration’ drop down menu.

Making the remote transition smoother on Unity

Sometime people might feel that the throttle from Full to Zero is sudden or jerky.
It happens due to the values set in Unity.

Follow the steps to make it smoother

Step 1: Download and install FOCBOX Tool (Complex Version) on your Windows PC
Step 2: Connect your Unity to the PC and turn it on
Step 3: In the FOCBOX Tool, Navigate to ” PPM ” Under ” App Settings “
Step 4: In “General Tab” Set higher values for the fields ” Positive ramping time ” & ” Negative ramping time “.
Step 5: Save the settings and give your setup a go.

Note: The compromise is your board becomes less responsive since it can no longer respond to throttle changes as quickly.

image (4)

How to connect 2 Unity’s together for 4WD system?Here is a graphical representation

image (2)

My Unity will not connect via BluetoothConnecting your mobile device to the Unity is very easy.Be sure the following are true:Device has bluetooth enabledUnity is powered onIf you are having troubles, be sure to restart the Unity and the device and try again.Unity is not connecting to the computer!Change the USB C cord, be sure you are using a data capable cordIs it possible to use single switch to turn off two Unitys connected via CANBUS?he answer is yes!All you need to do is Basically on the CAN bus, wire a 20-ohm resistor in series with the 5V.Set one as master & other as slave. Master has switch and ppm input.Master will send a shutdown command when shutting down, that will also power down slaveCan I flash Unity firmware on FOCBOX?No, Unity is entirely different than Original FOCBOX, FOCBOX will remain on 2.18 Fw. Uploading any firmware that is not authorized by Enertion will result in a voided warranty and likely a failure.Can I replace native Bluetooth module with my own?Yes, Bluetooth module is replaceable. It has the same 7 pins io connector as the legacy focbox.
But native one is superiorHow to put Unity on always on mode?you can just short the pins of the momentary switch (the two white wires on the included switch) and the unit will be put into the always-on mode.It will still be anti-spark protected with this plugged in as well. You will lose the auto-shutdown feature and push to start.


Is it possible to connect 2 receivers to the Unity?Unity is initially designed to have a single receiver attached only (Shown in the fig)


Is it possible to connect only single motor to Unity and operate?Yes, it’s possibleYou just only plug in 1 motor. Then tape the other phase leads down and do everything else like normal.Note: The hand spin portion of the calibration routine will be slightly delayed as it will wait for the second motor to be spun, but it will timeout after 15 seconds.Is it possible to work with 14s system with Unity? No, we strongly recommend to stick with the rated system which is 3s-12s. Any rating exceeding 12s will result in a void warranty and likely failure.My motors do not fit the 3.5mm connectors that came with the FOCBOXMotors can have a variety of connector sizesSome customers may want to use their FOCBOX motor controller with a motor that does not fit the standard connectors. This is quite a common procedure, as we can’t accomodate for every type of motor that exists in the market.It is common for FOCBOX owners to replace the connectors on the ESC side to fit their motors. Most motors have male connectors and they usually come with their mating connector that can be soldered to the FOCBOX wires. Please ensure that the wires are well isolated by using heatshrink after soldering.Under the motor temp limits tab in the FOCBOX Tool. What is the motor beta slider for?

If your motor has a thermistor in it for measuring temperature then beta is just a property of that thermistor: See Details Here.

If your motors don’t have a sixth wire coming out of them plugging into the Hall port don’t worry about it. If they do and you don’t know the beta value contact your supplier. If they don’t know you can stay with the default beta value, disable motor temp throttling, or run some experiments to determine beta on your own.

What If FOCBOX UI is not showing the correct top speed?

On the HUD page, there’s a little gear you can click on the right side of the page vertical center. When you click that below screen will pop up:

That button test erpm-rpm is what you are looking for. It will become clickable when the board is connected to the app. Essentially have 10 pole pairs, once you run the calibration routine you should get a number of 10. You can also just input it manually if preferred.Unity is showing Serial Port I/O error in Windows using FOCBOX Tool or UI, What should I do?

Permanent Solution

Install Windows with Administrator rights

Temporary Solution/Bypass

Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 Users*Right click of start orb and select Device Manager
*Under Ports (COM & LPT), Check if USB COM PORT has any yellow sign on it
*Double click on it and see if there is Code 52 (driver signature error on it)

Windows 7 Users*Click Start Orb and in search type “Device Manager” and select it
*Under Ports (COM & LPT), Check if USB COM PORT has any yellow sign on it
*Double click on it and see if there is Code 52 (driver signature error on it)

SolutionWindows 8, 8.1 & 10 Users
Click Start>Settings>Update & Security>Recovery>Under Advanced Startup (Select Restart)
After Restarting, Select Troubleshoot>Startup Settings>Select Restart
Again after restarting, Select Option 7 (Disable Driver signature enforcement)That’s all

Windows 7 Users
Hold Shift and select Restart
Press F8 repeatedly before Windows logo
Select Disable driver signature enforcementThat’s it

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