The electric longboard revolution is here!

With the popularity of electric transport, it should come as no surprise that the electric longboard has started to gain momentum. A quality electric longboard can be used for commuting in the city, around town or heading to the park. Any way you look at it, the electric longboard is and will be helping the revolutionise the way people get around.

When you consider different electric longboards: their range, how easy they are to charge, and the quality. One might think they are all similar to one another but don’t be fooled

The off-road monster electric longboard tops out at 22mph and features a 15 mile range! This eboard can go up a 20 degree hill and has the power to get over small obstacles with it’s oversize wheels and tires.

When it comes to the quality of your electric board make sure it is CE, RoHS and RED certified in an independent test centre in the UK. All Slick Revolution tech is certified in the UK and all of our eboards are backed by one of the best professional care teams in the industry.

The electric longboards are driven by high-power, long-range lithium ion batteries pushing brushless motors to provide more torque and more speed. You won’t be pushing along slowly with one leg, on your electric longboard, you’ll be cruising effortlessly along the boardwalk, down the sidewalk or on the trail. There really is no more fun way to get to your destination than by riding an electric longboard to get there.

You could ride a bike, but then you have to find a place to lock it up, with your electric longboard, you can just pick it up and bring it with you. The Max-Eboard weighs only 7.5kg. Wear a large backpack and just throw your electric longboard on there when you’re not using it.

City dwellers xan especially can appreciate the versatility of the electric longboard. Smooth pavements and tarmac are perfect to cruise along at top speed.

It has enough speed to get places faster than walking and easier than running! Find our range of electric tech at http://slickrevolution.co.uk


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