Haven’t heard about deck hook yet? Where the heck have you been?

Deck Hook is a patent pending invention of Robert Simpson’s and is a really useful for any eboarder or regular boarder. Unsatisfied with the style and design of skate rucksacks (backpacks for our cousins across the pond) I decided that there must be some solution out there. There are some others like slings which attach to opposite wheels but you can’t wear a rucksack at the same time. There’s also a design out there which requires you to stick Velcro on your deck to stick your board to their backpack – not a great idea and we knew we could improve.

We decided that people want to carry their eboard or any other board with a rucksack rather than on its own. When people carry them it’s usually because they’re commuting or travelling in a place where riding isn’t allowed or is difficult and our surveys showed that most eboarders, skaters and longboarders wore a rucksack rather than a satchel type bag. We designed a product which clips to most 2 strap backpacks. The only types it doesn’t fit are hiking style rucksacks where they have a large opening/pocket on top.

It’s been a long time coming finding manufacturers who can make the Deck Hook to our specification but were finally ready to launch. We wanted the production in place before launch to reduce time for backers to receive their deck hook as well as iron out any defects or issues which are inevitable with brand new products.

Launch times around the world are as follows:

UK time 3pm

LA 7am

San Francisco 7am

New York 10am

Berlin 3pm

Sydney 2am Thursday morning

Tokyo Midnight tonight

These are just some guides for you in terms of time. The Deck Hook is shipping worldwide so everyone can grab a piece of the action!

The campaign launches in just over 2 hours. Sign up at kickstarter.com to save time and ensure you don’t miss out on the Super Early Bird offer!


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