Designing and prototyping of the Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Deck is underway. The first ones will be available soon and believe me when I say, this is the best electric skateboard deck on the market, hands down. 

Here is a little more info, for now we don’t have any photos but should have some very soon. 

Designed and made in the UK the Signature deck is the height of bespoke eboard deck technology. Using proprietary hollow-hex technology makes for the lightest most responsive E deck available. Superior torsional stiffness allow for responsive carving with longitudinal flex for comfort and pre-loaded flex. Basically it doesn’t twist but it flexes along its length which is perfect for carving.

A subtle camber ensures the perfect riding position when under a riders weight. 10mm of preloaded camber and the carbon fibre layers ensure that you’ll ride nice and flat in the perfect position. We see so many maple and bamboo decks being ridden in full banana mode. This splays the trucks, changes the truck angle and impacts on the quality of ride.

The perfect mixture of Carbon Fibre and Italian Poplar core provides a super strong deck with Slick Revolutions characteristic flexibility. Its easier to show this in pictures but for now you’ll have to wait. 

Carbon Fibre for the sake of Carbon Fibre?

A side note on wasted carbon fibre. What do I mean by wasted carbon? Carbon fibre used for the sake of using carbon fibre, it sounds fancy and looks cool,  but so does a Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap.  There’s quite a few electric skateboards popping up on the market which use carbon fibre often to form a solid deck where another material would have been more suitable. The properties of carbon fibre has been harnessed in our signature deck to create a unique riding experience, far superior to anything youve ridden before. We’re making use of its unique properties when bonded to a poplar core, much like a snowboard to create a flexible and responsive deck, not a fancy solid box. 

Our 2019 range of electric skateboard decks have a urethane nose and tail (urethane being the same material used for our wheels). This gives nice protection when handling the board or light collisions and scrapes. No more wooden thunk as you pop the board up. The signature deck has a full urethane edge on the nose, tail and rails which is currently in black although we do plan to match the colour to some of our new wheels in the near future for limited editions. 


  • Super lightweight construction
  • 12k Carbon Fibre Tweel formed to..
  • 6 ply Italian Poplar
  • Subtle W Concave for a comfortable and locked in feel
  • Torsional stiffness and longitudinal flex
  • Full urethane edge, waterproof and protected

We have added 1 inch of width to the Carbon deck for a bigger foot area for more grip, more control and better if youve got big feet.  

Theres still plenty of testing to be done on the new deck and we will be making some videos of the making process and riding feel in the near future. 


Length 36.5 inch (93cm), Width 9 3/4 inch (25cm), Thickness 3/8 inch (10mm)

Avg. Weight 1.2 kgs (2lb, 10oz)

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