It is with great disappointment that work on the Brexit Board has had to be cancelled. The release of the Brexit Board was something we hadn’t announced and was due to release on April the 1st. 

The Urban Kick had been redesigned with both UK grown Ash wood and a UK made griptape pattern. This was to join together with European Larch and the European flag griptape design. 

The board was a collaboration between a well known EU manufacturer and our current UK deck manufacturer. The 2 halves, both the UK and EU sides were to be assembled and fixed together once they arrive in the UK. A show of solidarity for UK-EU relations in a cross border manufacturing collaboration. 

Unfortunately due to Brexit turmoil, our EU supplier for the left half of the deck has pulled out of the manufacturing deal. The UK supplier has confirmed that they would not be willing to continue production. They commented ‘we simply do not have the expertise to make the right hand side of the board. This requires special knowledge not known to our company who have only ever specialised in the production of the left hand side.’ adding ‘we could no longer guarantee that the brexit board would be strong and stable and have a secure future in the eboard community.

Its a great shame that this deck will not come to fruition but we hope that you aren’t too disappointed with the result. 

We may introduce a UK board and a separate EU board with individual flag designs in the future but for now it is simple too expensive to manufacture them and trade whilst Brexit looms and the UK’s future is uncertain.

On behalf of the Slick Revolution team I apologise

Robert Simpson

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