Less then 24 hours ago I wrote a article about the 4 leaked new Boostedboards. 2 hours ago I got a email from somebody saying that Boosted just launched a backpack especially for the Boostedboard.

The Boosted Backpack made for your Boostedboard:

At first the backpack looks like every other messenger backpack on the market (which I highly suggest you start using). But if you look closer you a few neat features. After unclipping a magnet lock and unzipping one side you have a special compartment for hooking your electric skateboard.


  • The backpack is water repellant (although I think that your board is not)
  • Easily stow away your remote (although you have to do a lot of work to store your board
  • The easy access zipper makes it really easy to get your stuff without having to completely opening your backpack
  • Finally a solution to take your board wherever you go


  • The price (it’s still a Boosted product)
  • The slot for your Boostedboard looks just made for Boostedboards. I am not sure if you can put other boards there as well
  • I question the durability with the griptape grinding against one side
  • The price


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