In this series of anatomy blogs we are delving deep in to what makes our electric skateboard so great, literally what makes them! We have taken each electric skateboard apart, down to its basic components and laid them bare for all to see. It’s a great insight in to the construction and engineering behind Slick Revolution’s eboards.

We didn’t break down the eboards entirely, in that we could have gone further – separating the battery pack, wiring and BMS for example but we felt the ‘larger’ components down to the size of a bolt were enough to visualise our boards.

Detailed below are the individual parts in their basic form, some parts have additional detail and some are left in their simple form such as ‘2 x grub screw’ rather than ‘2 x M3 alloy steel grub screw’. Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS.

The Dual Max-Eboard is quite unique. The integrated battery and BMS make this a slightly thicker deck but sleeker design.

1 x 900mm Bamboo Deck including grip tape with integrated battery compartment

1 x lithium Ion Battery (22V, 8.8Ah, 193.6Wh)

1 x Battery Management System (BMS) including heat sink

1 x aluminium BMS case

1 x motor wire sheath

4 x Polyurethane 83mm diameter wheels

8 x ABEC 7 wheel bearings

2 x 1200W brushless electric motor with hall sensor

2 x bespoke, easy release motor mount

4 x grub screw

2 x HTD5M 260mm drive belt

2 x belt drive cover

2 x M3 roundhead bolt

2 x baseplate + kingpin

2 x M8 kingpin hexagon locking nuts

2 x riser pad

2 x hanger + kingpin

2 x cone bushing

2 x barrel bushing

2 x barrel bushing cup

2 x cone bushing cup

8 x wheel washers

8 x M5 truck bolts

8 x M5 hexagon locking nuts

4 x M5 BMS section bolts

10 x M3 battery case bolts

2 x pulley/sprocket

2 x 35mm pulley bearing

Quite a lot of important parts go in to making the Dual Max-Eboard function perfectly and we will be posting a few more photos soon showing some of the parts up close. We will also be running the ‘anatomy of’ series fo all of our electric skateboards and may even look to extend it to our controllers, wheels and PCB. Letting you know a little bit more about the carving machine under your feet.

Check out the Dual Max-Eboard here

Dual Max-Eboard



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