We are live folks!

Kickstarter 2.0 is underway. Almost as soon as have posted this, we have succeeded!

Check it out at the link below:


The team at Slick Revolution are so proud to announce our latest range of electric skateboards. We’ve shaken things up a little while still holding on to the iconic Flex-E battery case design. 3 new boards with 3 new deigns to match your tastes and needs. 

Just a quick thank you to all involved:

Howard for working so hard on the graphics, content and social media which has gone in to the Kickstarter page.

Russell for continuously tweaking, modelling and perfecting our deck designs putting all his years of skating and manufacturing experience to develop something truly awesome.

Kam for thrashing the hell out of the new boards and truly showing off what can be done on a kickball electric skateboard. Plus keeping the warehouse ticking while Robert and Howard have been busy with the Kickstarter. 

Mike for proving that despite an electric skateboards weight it can leave the ground, manual, flip and generally be chucked about and danced on.

Luke for his awesome videography and editing work, big things ahead in this mans career!

Cheers to Slick Revolution, if you’re reading this, you are already part of the Revolution!

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