2018 was an awesome year for Slick Revolution and if you haven’t seen our roundup video you can check it out here…

2019 promises to be even bigger and better. Below is a brief overview of some of the things we have lined up.

New Boards

Of course! Launched in 2018 but shipping in early 2019 our new range, the Flex-E 2.0, Flex-E 2.0 Carbon, Urban 80 and Urban Kick will be hitting the streets and boy are we excited! Check them out here:

Urban 80 electric skateboardUrban Kick Electric SkateboardFlex-E 2.0 electric skateboard

New Wheels

Sorry we can’t reveal too much on this but we have some new wheels coming! Think riding on air but with all the benefits of a huge contact patch. Truly Revolutionary!

Boosted Pulley

Poor Boosted Board riders are trapped with no option to change wheels (much like our hub motored allies) but fear no more as our long awaited conversion kit will be available very soon. Everyone can enjoy the Rough Stuff and our Slick Wheels plus it doesn’t break the bank! The 2 pulleys fit straight on and the 6 prong pulley/sprocket and will fit Slick Revolution, Lazyrolling, ABEC 11, MBS and any wheels with the same popular core design.

Boosted Board Pulley Conversion Kit

New Carbon Deck

This is the one a lot of our Flex-E 2.0 backers have been waiting for the Carbon Deck to release. Truly the best electric skateboard deck available in the world. Full Urethane edge, italian poplar core in a 12k tweel carbon fibre sandwich. Snowboard technology and eboard technology combine for the first time. Still under development but here is a sneak preview of the profile. Subtle camber, 10mm drop deck for a lower centre of gravity and a brand new profile. 

the best electric skateboard deck in the world

World Record

Slick Revolution will be sponsoring a rider to complete a pretty awesome world record in summer but more details to follow. Best of all you can come along and watch!

London Meetups

Until now esk8 UK has been largely dominated by our Australian friends. Why so?!? 2019 will be the year where the original UK electric skateboard company show the rest of the world what we are all about. The rides will be advertised as always on facebook and we will link to the events in emails when we plan to go.

Southampton Meetups

As well as heading to the capital, we plan to have plenty more rides around Southampton now that the Revolution has grown and there are plenty of SR riders along the South coast, plus it’s only an hour on the train from Waterloo. Sponsorship from Dancing Man Brewery means we have a great place to end rides with the best beer in Southampton. We are hoping to link up with Verde, Shirley, Southampton, a great bar which opened last year, soft drinks available too!

Unique Venues

As well as the London and Southampton meetups we plan to organise something a little different too. The Velodrome meetup last summer was a huge success and a great venue for SR fans and Eboard fans to try. (As always, everyone is welcome to SR meetups). We plan to do the same this year and add in an outdoor Go Kart Track, BMX pump track and a few others we have up our sleeves.

velodrome bournemouth esk8 meetupBrighton Outdoor Karting

More Videos

Something that you guys asked for is more videos of, well, everything. So we will be ramping things up with overviews of the new boards, repair, maintenance, wheel swap and deck swap guides, riding videos, group meets. If it’s happening at SR we will be pointing a camera at it! 

Crazy Stunts and Viral Videos

Boy have we got some crazy things lined up for 2019. Some will be filmed by just the SR team but others will require a lot of people. Comment below if you want to get involved…

Australian Retailer

Super exciting news! Now our friends downunder will be able to join the Revolution with local support, more to follow on this very soon. Great news for Slick Revolution as we spread our wings beyond Europe!

Comment below if youve got any ideas of anything you would like to see from the team, hear more about or what you think we could do better. We always listen to feedback no matter how small, its all super useful!

Here’s to 2019!

2 thoughts on “2019

  1. Byron Phillips says:

    Have members draw up a story board of the best experience or adventure they have had in comic form or a different medium, each month one gets selected and posted to your site. Over the course of the year you have a nice timeline to look back on re -enforcing the community spirit.

    Would get members to be more active with company and get then exploring the area they live in more.

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