Having a store can be time and money consuming, Fatdaddy has the right solution for this.

If you have space left in your store and want to populate some of our products we definitely want to work together. Fatdaddy has the right signage, products and training to hit the ground running.

When starting a Fatdaddy shop-in-shop your will instantly be able to sell the best brands, provide your customers with the best aftersales and the have access to the best retail-marketing team in Europe (why else would you be on this page right now, right).

Retail marketing

We will take care of all the retail marketing to push foot traffic to your store. This includes advertising and promoting your local business as a Fatdaddy store.

Retail guidance

Sharing is caring, we will help you get up to spec. Our marketeers and salespeople are here for you, as a business lifeline.

Online platform

You will be connected to the Fatdaddy online platform for selling, pickups and shipping. You get instant access to our online sales and if you want to ship the items yourself. Customers will be able to select your store to pickup their purchase offline creating more foot traffic to your Fatdaddy shop-in-shop.

We will provide you with the following

You don’t need to invest in any technology, signage or stock. We got you covered.


We will provide you with the right amount of inventory to start selling directly. You can select a category or we will help you with selecting the right products.


We will provide you with our own build POS system where you can handle all transactions in.


We will provide you with a payment terminal to accept all cards and kind of payments. We pay for all transaction-fees.

Shop branding

We will make sure that you have all the right signage to get the flow of customers into your store.

Shop interior

We will provide you with all the right shop interior to display the products. Custom build for your location, tailored to your local market.

After service

We won’t bother you with the after service. When something goes wrong our CST (Customer Stoke Team) will help the customer out of your name.