The mate bike come with 2 different motors – A 250W (legal worldwide) and the 750W (offroad only, equipped with a thumb throttle).

250W version

The 250W version is road legal in every country in the European Union and almost the rest of the world. The maximum speed of the Mate Bike 250W is limited to 25km/h  / 15.5 mph.

750W version

If you need a little bit more speed or just want to have a more powerful electric folding bike, the 750W electric bike is best for you. Although you are not allowed to drive on the public road with 750W electric bikes in the EU you are allowed to do so in the US and other countries.

The top speed of a 750W Mate Bike is limited limited to 33km/h in the software, but you can enable ludicrous mode with our video on YouTube. When ludicrous mode is enabled you will go up to 45km/h. Just be very careful riding a 750W electric bike – this is not allowed on public road within the EU – And wear a helmet.

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