The Fatdaddy Extended Plan is an additional service that we offer for electric skateboards, electric bikes and other products that are used on the daily. You can select the plan on the product page or during checkout. 

We give great service by default but with our Extended Service you will get even more! Our Extended Service is a customer made service that is only provided by Fatdaddy stores or Fatdaddy Partners. 

Electric Skateboard Extended Service – This service is tailor made for electric skateboards, the accessories and can only be bought during your initial purchase. With our Extended Service you get a bunch of extra’s like a free loaner you can use during repairs (pickup in our stores), you will never have to pay for parts during a repair, and we ship back your repair to every location in the EU for free! So don’t waste your time on jibba-jabba during a repair, with this small add-on you know that you are set for even greater customer service. 

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