Since Enertion went out of business we are unable to provide the warranty and service you would expect from Fatdaddy. Nevertheless if the highly unlikely case of a claim we wil try to fix this with our best intentions.

By buying products produced, handles or modified by Enertion Boards LTD you waive the warranty and service claims and accept that we are unable to replace, repair of return your product.

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4 thoughts on “Warranty Enertion products

  1. Ian Hamilton says:

    Although this is probably the wrong avenue for the issue i have , but i dont give a fuck. Im emailing everyone i can possibly email and posting comments where ever i think the right person(s) might stumble across it. I saved for over 2 years to afford a board that was the best of the best on the market , and some might debate who holds that championship belt and i suppose it comes down to matter of opinion , you cant deny The Raptor 2.1 would make the gold silver or bronze podium at the end of the day. Living on the opposite end of the planet where they make …or made rather…these state of the art boards , saving the $2000.00 for this rare jewel ,was the easier part. Daily searches for months from the time there was still snow on the ground here , thru the beginnings of the covid pandemic to the blistering heat of the 30+ july heat we had almost daily in Ontario this year , I finally found someone selling a brand new one. Paid the 2g,s without even trying to barter even a dollar less. This was going on 3 years at this point for this moment to finally get here. Brand new Raptor 2.1 i slaved for years to own. Within 2 weeks one motor is fuct the bearings in 2 of the wheels are fuct the wheels are starting to crumble to the point i cant even ride it anymore and the remote losses connection at the worst times momentarily on every ride. 2 weeks. And now i cant depend on the warranty to save me because im not the original purchaser and just to make sure i get the full affect of this kick to the balls….i cant even buy replacement parts to fix it myself. ARE YOU FUKN KIDDING ME???? Hopefully someone out there sees this and possibly sends it to the right people that can help with my problem or has some advice or spare parts they can sell or something….anything. thank you n my bad for the length of this bitch.

    • Tyler says:

      We feel your pain Ian, sadly Enertion is no more so there will be no more customer service. You are free to explore the Enertion Parts we have left to see if you can fix the motors.


  2. Sean Hacker says:

    It’s weird that you guys decided to get into business with the track record of common thieves. Then say you’ll still sell their products and not warranty them. That’s BS guys. Next time you might want to look into businesses before getting into bed with them. They were going down when you partnered. I was still talking to Jason at that time. Ask me how I know…

    • Tyler says:

      Business have ups and downs. Nevertheless it’s sad that Enertion was not able to survive all the chargebacks. Especially since most of them were based on speculation. But please tell me how you gained all the insights. Drop a comment, keep the ball rolling.

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