Weight excl. power supply: 52.7kg | 116lbs
+2.1kWh battery: 65.7kg | 144.6lbs
+ 3.1kWh battery: 70.7kg | 155.6lbs
Height: 1,040mm | 41” Seat height: 815mm | 32”
Width (handlebars): 820mm | 32.3”
Length: 1,820mm | 72”
Wheelbase: 1215mm | 47.8”

PERFORMANCE Max speed: 45km/h

BRAKES UBCO Quadratic² brake system: Hydraulic & regenerative brakes operate together. DOT approved hydraulic brakes. 203 x 2.3mm rotors. DOT approved Dash 3 brake lines.

9 gauge stainless steel spokes.
17×1.85” aluminium rims (DOT compliant).
17×2.75” multi-use tires, balanced between street performance and off-road grip
(ECE and DOT compliant).

Payload (incl. rider): 150kg | 330lbs 
Super X step through frame: 7027 alloy.
Front and rear racks standard.
19 drop forged attachment lugs on subframe & rack.
Mechanically switched self-retaining kickstand.

130mm front suspension.
120mm rear suspension.
Preload & rebound adjustment.

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