Tools you will need:

  • 4mm hex key
Removing the Boosted Rev platform Tools you will need:
Removing the Boosted Rev platform

Remove the four standing platform securing screws using a 4mm hex key. Two of these screws are located at the rear of the standing platform, while the other two screws are toward the front of the standing platform and accessible by lifting up the crescent-shaped cutouts in the deck pad.

Remove the standing platform, making sure not to lose any of the rubber grommets which are inserted into the four holes on the standing platform. Note that there is an individual grommet inserted into both sides of each hole on the standing platform (total of 8 grommets).

Re-attach the standing platform by re-installing the four screws from earlier. Do not overtighten these screws. It is only necessary to tighten them until they are snug.


Were you able to do it in just one go? Or need some extra assistance? Get the ball rolling by talking with other Boosted Rev owners in the Boosted Rev forum. There is even a special topic regarding removing the Boosted Rev Standing platform.

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