Your Butchers & Bicycles cargobike already comes with tons of options making them the best choice for everyday rides but you can customize it even more to suit your needs and preferences.

Double the range with a 1000Wh battery
With an additional 500Wh battery you double the range of your Butchers and Bicycles electric bike. We mount the extra battery below the top tube for easy access.

Double child seat
Turn your Butchers and Bicycles into the perfect companion for driving children around with the Childseat for two. The seat has been designed for children up to 1 year and are equipped with 5 point seatbelts for extra safety and comfort during longer rides.

Glove Box
Not a lot of bikes offer the option to also lock your personal belongings but the Butchers and Bicycles cargo bikes can be equipped with a ‘glove box’ which you can lock with a key. The top has elastic straps for easy access and a cup holder for some refreshments.

Skyview transparent hood
Make sure to keep everything in your Butchers and Bicycles dry and safe with the transparent canopy. The hood has 2 zippers for easy access to the compartment. The top can be rolled up to keep the canopy open.

Flat hood
A easy to open and mount flat canopy to protect the things inside your Butchers and Bicycles. Can be rolled when not needed.

Full bike cover for Butchers and Bicycles
Make sure to protect your complete Butchers and Bicycles against the elements. This full bike cover will fit the whole bike and cargo part.

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