The Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR are awesome machines that are build to withstand a lot of hits and are probably the best carving machines out there.

To make warranty claims easier, faster and cheaper Fatdaddy is using Onewheel’s in-house repair center, customer support and warranty service. This means that in case of a warranty claim or repair issue you can contact Onewheel directly and do not need to contact Fatdaddy, easy right?

We provide basic warranty to all customers that bought a Onewheel with us but since the limited warranty is only covering factory defaults we want to let you know that we cannot provide you warranty for your Onewheel if;

  • Your Onewheel has water damage, a Onewheel is not waterproof,
  • Your Onewheel has been opened and/or the stickers that should hold you from opening are damaged or gone.
  • The footpad, battery and tire have a limited warranty of six months after purchase. These parts naturally decrease as you use the Onewheel.
  • Total mileage is over 2000km / 1243 miles.
  • Damage has been caused by modification or use outside those specified in the user manual.
  • Natural wear and tear that does not affect product function (including scratches and wear and tear on frame rails, footpad, tires, etc.)
  • Products purchased from an unauthorized reseller, including any online purchase other than directly from Future Motion, Inc., to the extent permitted by law.

During your purchase you will be asked to accept these warranty limitations.

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