To remove and reinstall your battery pack you will need the 4mm hex key and connector tools that came with your extended range battery. New screws and wing plates are optional.

WARNING: Please use caution when handling and replacing your battery pack. Loose metal objects should be kept away from the battery pack mating connector while the battery pack is being replaced. The battery pack should be replaced in dry environments. Avoid dust, dirt, debris, and moisture from coming into contact with the battery terminals while replacing your battery pack.

  1. Make sure your battery is powered off. Place the board on the grip tape side with the wheels up.
  2. Using the 4mm hex key, remove the 6 battery pack screws and 2 wing plates. Place them aside.
  3. Lift the battery pack off the board. If present, unclip the battery pack connector from around the metal wire connectors. Let it hang to the side.
  4. Place the two plastic connector tools on either side of the metal connectors, making sure to fit the metal connector snugly into the curve of the tools. The ridge on the inside of the tools should sit along the outside of the metal rings, and the flat sides of the tools with the Boosted logos should be facing each other.

WARNING: Do not use pliers to tighten or loosen the connectors as they will easily damage the threaded metal rings.

  1. Now, squeeze the handles together and rotate the tools in opposite directions, until the metal wire connector comes loose. Remove the tools and use your fingers to undo to the metal connectors until separated.
  2. Under good lighting, check both sides of the battery connectors to make sure there is no dust, debris, discoloration, wear, abrasion, or damage. If there is evidence of damage or deterioration, please call or contact us.

Watch a step-by-step video guide on replacing a battery pack.Β This process is the same for both the standard and extended range battery packs.

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