Riding an electric skateboard is completely different from a normal skateboard, so please take the time to start slowly and follow these steps, even if you are a skateboard expert.

  • (if possible) select slow mode on the remote.
  • Chose the stance that you feel most comfortable with.
  • Test the throttle (forward, braking and backwards) before stepping on the board.
  • Make sure you have both feet on the board, above the trucks and lean in before starting to accelerate to keep your balance.
  • Lean backwards before braking to make sure you don’t loose your balance.

How to turn
Turning is exactly the same as on a regular skateboard or longboard. To turn right, lean right and put your weight on your toes (if your stance is Regular) or on your heels (if your stance is Goofy).

Before riding in the streets, make sure you’ve been practicing enough on open areas such as smooth and empty parking lots. When you’re ready for more speed and accelerations, switch to higher modes and get the most out of your electric skateboard. Make sure you have practiced enough footbraking, kick pushing and all the techniques to face all the real conditions.

Please research your local regulations and country’s applicable laws before riding. Keep in mind that pedestrians, bikes, cars and all other vehicles have priority on you. Always ride carefully and be ready to yield.

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