Bike ModelBrake PadsMaterial
ZXTektro A10.11  ( brake system)Resin Compound
RXTektro Q11TS / Magura, ” MT-5e brake pads, Cyclotech Prodisc E-bike ” ( Tektro brakes HD- E350 )Sintered Compound
S2Tektro A10.11 / Magura, MT-4e, E-bike Cyclotech Prodisc ” 2 piston caliper 7.S sport ( Tektro brakes HD- E350 // Magura brakes MT-4e )Resin Pad / Metal Ceramic Compound
ZGTektro A10.11 => info of the ManualResin Compound
SG1Tektro E10.11Organic Compound
SGTektro E10.11Organic Compound
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