Do not ride downhill when the board is fully charged
Most boards have regenerative braking : Using the brakes creates energy that is used to recharge the battery. When the battery is full, the energy created is dissipated in heat. Some motherboard (like all skateboards with electronic brakes) can handle a certain amount of heat. Too much heat might damage the motherboard. Make sure to be able to footbrake and control your speed anytime and do not go down a hill with a full battery.

Your board can lose braking & acceleration at any time
Downhill braking causing overcharge, radio interference, unintentional use of the throttle, and other factors can cause the loss of power and brakes. Make sure you can always control your speed without the use of power

Avoid contact with water
Water makes the wheels very slippery. Like on any skateboard, riding an electric skateboard on wet surfaces is dangerous. Water can also damage the battery and the motherboard. Make sure to prevent any water to enter the battery case.

Avoid extreme temperatures ( 35 °C/95 °F)
Electronic components can be damaged by extreme heat or cold. Most boards are equipped with heat sinks to dissipate the heat caused by the electric power. using boards in extreme air temperatures can cause overheat or cold and damage the motherboard and the battery.

Avoid strong impacts
Electric skateboards are not designed for skateboard tricks, extreme shocks and vibrations. Make sure to use it in normal commuting conditions. Vibrations and shocks can brake damage some components or unscrew some bolts. Make sure every bold is properly tightened before each use.

Avoid contact with sand
Electric skateboards have regular skateboards bearings. Avoiding contact with dust and sand will make the bearings last longer. If your wheels start making abnormal noise, clean the bearings.

Please wear a helmet and protections.

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