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You can find your trackingcode by going to your Orders dashboard and clicking on the specific order. The UPS codes will be under Shipment Tracking Details. See the picture below.
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When maintained well your Boosted can go a long way. Let Fatdaddy service your Boosted Board in our Service Center in Denmark where we have everything to keep you rolling. Prefer to fix it yourself check our knowledge-base to fix the most common Boosted Board Issues. There are costs for labor and costs for parts.
Wednesday, 13 May 2020 / Published in
Every Boosted purchase comes with a 6-month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. This does not cover wear and tear, misuse, abuse, accidents, abrasion, damage due to contact with solvents or cleaning liquids, damage during transport, water damage, or any modification.
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Doppio comes with the standard 2 years EU carry-in factory defaults warranty. All other parts have a 1 year warranty and the frame as a 5 years warranty. Doppio does not supply warranty for the natural decrease of the capacity of the battery.
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Not happy with your recent purchase of a Doppio Classico? Don’t worry! You can return your electric bike within 14 days as long as our return policy has been taken into mind.
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Yes, the advertised price on our website’s and in our stores are including VAT and import charges for deliveries in the EU. We pay for the charges when the product comes first in our warehouse in Amsterdam.
Friday, 28 February 2020 / Published in
Since Enertion went out of business we are unable to provide the warranty and service you would expect from Fatdaddy. Nevertheless if the highly unlikely case of a claim we wil try to fix this with our best intentions. By buying products produced, handles or modified by Enertion Boards LTD you waive the warranty and
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Since Boosted Beams are a brand-new product, please make sure you have the latest version of the Boosted App and firmware. You can find the app on iOS and Android. Once you have the latest version of the app, connect the app to your board. Follow the prompts to update the firmware.  Tools you will need: Skate Tool
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The Boosted Rev is one hell of an electric scooter and you should definitely browse the manuals. The Boosted Rev Manuals come in a couple of languages. Select the right one below; Boosted Rev Manual in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch Boosted Rev Manual inPortuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Polish