Congratulations, You have purchased an electric skateboard through FatDaddy. You are now the owner of a portable, eco-friendly mode of transport that is incredibly fun to use and part of a rapid growing global community of eboard riders.

Buying a electric skateboard through FatDaddy comes with a full after sales technical support service when needed. Welcome to the FatDaddy family!
About our technical support: At FatDaddy we make it a priority to offer eboard riders a complete technical service. In case of malfunctions or need or repair do not try to fix it yourself but contact us directly. The local FatDaddy contact points are listed below.

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  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding
  • Do not ride downhill on slopes exceeding your maximum speed or 2 degrees.
  • Do not expose your board to extreme temperatures (hot and cold).
  • Although your board might look waterproof. It is not. Do not expose to water.


Anytime you ride a electric skateboard you risk serious or fatal injuries from collisions, loss of control and unexpected falls // It is your sole responsibility to learn how to safely ride the electric skateboard in order to reduce these risks // Before riding the electric skateboard it strongly advised to read through and follow all tips, instructions and warnings listed underneath this can reduce the risks that comes with using a Personal Electric Transporter (PET) // It should be lear that reading this manual will only reduce not eliminate the risk inherent to using a PET // If you exceed the ability of yourself or your electric skateboard by riding over obstacles or any other unsuitable surfaces, this might potentially lead to collisions or falls in turn leading to serious or fatal injury or even the damage of your electric skateboard.

New riders

First time using a electric skateboard? Start by riding the electric skateboard in a low speed mode // Inexperienced riders are best to first practice in a spacious, non traffic area // Inexperienced riders should be assisted by a more experienced rider // Do not let new riders operate a PET outside of your supervision unless they have read this guide // You should not allow anyone to step onto you PET for the first time unless you are there to support them // Assist new riders until they are comfortable with the basic operations.

Rider profile

Electric skateboards are designed for humans 😉 who are 18 years or older or have permission of their parents // Most electric skateboards are designed for riders with a body weight under 100KG (220 lbs) // Electric skateboards are not designed for cargo transportations // The ride should be in a good physical and mental health // Do not ride a PET when you are sick // As with every other form of transportation you need to be mentally alter to safely ride // Electric skateboards are not designed for tandem use, do not take any passengers with you // Do not take a child in your arms or in a child carrier while riding // Do not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol // Do not attempt to ride if you can not comply fully with the instructions and warning in this guide.

Riding outside of your private property

Abide the laws and regulations in your state or country // Respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road // Avoid riding on busy roads and crowded areas // Adjust your speed when riding on the sidewalk // Do not park your electric skateboard in a way that block people or traffic as it creates a safety hazard // Cross roads at designated crosswalks or signaled intersections // Do not jaywalk / ride // When riding with other electric skateboards you should keep a safe distance from each other and other transport devices // When riding with other PET drivers you should not ride side-by-side unless there is plenty of room left for pedestrians and other potential traffic // Identify and keep a safe distance from hazards and obstacles on the road // Do not ride your electric skateboard / PET on private property unless you obtained permission to do so // Be aware that a strong electric field might interfere with the function of your remote, the connection and electric devices.

Storage and maintenance

Do frequent maintenance checks: Before riding make sure all screws are tight and your electric skateboard or PET is in perfect working condition // Clean the device and bearings regurary // To clean the wheels it is advised to remove them from the axle // Turn of the device and controller when you are not using it // Store your device and controller in a cool environment // Keep your battery fully charged when not in use // Recharge the battery in a well ventilated area // Do not recharge the battery in a area that might get the device, controller or charging device wet // Do not leave your device charging unattended // Keep children away from the device // Do not keep the battery on the charger when fully charged // Stop use of the product or charging unit if any wires are worn or damaged // Do not modify the electrical controls or wires // Only use the motor, battery, charger or wiring supplied or approved by FatDaddy or the manufacturer // Do not open the battery.

Riding tips

While riding keep your back straight and use your arms to maintain balance // Bending your knees lowers your body’s center of gravity which increases stability // Shift your body weight to the front when accelerating // Shift your body weight to the back when breaking // To turn / carve, displace your body weight and exert pressure on the heel and toes sides of the board // Your turning radius depends on the amount of pressure you exert on the side of the board: more pressure means sharper turning // Caving will slow down your speed and makes for an energy efficient way of breaking // Be mindful when turning / carving at high speeds // You can adjust maneuverability by tightening or loosening the kingpin nut // Adjust your riding style when riding at night or in conditions with low visibility // Adapt your speed to your riding skill and environment // Do not ride when intoxicated // Beware that wet, frozen, oily or unpaved surfaces are unsuited for riding on // To prevent loss of control you must always pay careful attention when riding a learn to identify and avoid slippery, icy, wet surfaces, loose materials, steep inclines or slopes and obstacles // Beware that braking distance vary according surface texture, humidity, temperature etc.. // Avoid riding over gutters, this might damage the board // Do not expose your device to water // Do not ride when raining or ride through puddles // Always wear protective gear when riding // Always wear a helmet when riding // Use a approved skateboard, bicycle or full face helmet that properly fits with the chin strap securely fastened // Use direct hand contact when operating the controller or PET, wearing gloves gloves or an unusual grip might interfere your ability to accurately use the controls // Do not wear loose clothing that can get stuck in the belt or other traffic / objects // Electric field will interfere will your controller // Brake when going downhill to moderate your speed // Taking inclines that are over the advise hill grade might overheat your motor, esc or battery // Regular bursts of full power and braking heavily will drain the battery faster then riding on a moderate consistent speed // Push first to get up to speed to de-stress the motor // Beware of objects on the road that can cause wheel bite and lock your wheels. Never ride of objects or curbs onto the street // Always be alert and aware of your surroundings when riding // Be aware that ‘wheel stops’ can occur when the PET wheels encounter an obstacle or terrain change that prevent the wheels from moving bringing it to an abrupt stop potentially causing a fall.