Broke your electric scooter, e-bike or electric skateboard and nowhere to go? Our in-house Gear Geeks can revive your ride!

What set’s us apart from the rest? We offer Door to Door pick-up and delivery. Which means you don’t have to leave the house.
And our diagnostic fee includes 30 minutes of work, which is enough time to complete most repairs. To top it off we offer 90 days of warranty on our repairs.

Door to Door Pick-up & Delivery (no heavy lifting, only within range of our stores): €49
What’s Wrong Diagnostic: €49* includes 30 minutes of repairs.
Our hourly rate: € 69* only needed for difficult repairs, after the first 30 minutes
Cost of parts: Depending if and what needs to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Owner of a Boosted Board? Use this form.
  • We can repair most brands and DIY projects.
  • Most repairs take a few days, sometimes we have to wait for special parts.
  • You can even request repairs for products that were not bought with us.
  • We currently do not offer repairs for the United States, as shipping battery’s is a costly risk.


Most of the vehicles and products that Fatdaddy sells are equipped with 18650 Li-ion batteries. These batteries are the best you can get at this time and all of our suppliers use the best possible parts. But why does my battery looses capacity over time?

The answer is pretty simple, this is a natural degeneration of the cell itself. Every time you charge the battery the cell gets a little damaged and after a longer time period (or a lot of charges) the battery will loose capacity.

There are also a lot of other factors that will impact the amount of miles you can get from your battery. For example the road you ride on, the weather (wind) or even your weight can heavily decrease the range you get from your vehicle. This is also why it’s sometimes difficult to promise a certain range and why we always promote a rough estimate.

If you feel that your battery is not working as should you can always contact our service center and let us check it out. Just remember that if your battery is not functioning as it should you should never charge, use or open the battery case.

The costs of shipping your product to our service center in Amsterdam.

A investigation fee of €49 euro for which we will investigate the entire product on the cause of defects.

After investigations are completed we will give you a quote with a cost and time estimate to repair the product. At this point you can agree or cancel.

Shipping the product back is free within The Netherlands but we charge a small UPS/DHL shipping fee for other countries.

  1. Fill in the repair request form on our repairs page.
  2. If we accept your repair request, ship us your product.
  3. Once it arrives we perform a diagnostic of the issue.
  4. We will consult you beforehand to approve the repairs and costs.
  5. After completing repairs and testing, we ship it back.

Yes, it’s what we do best! Our electric skateboard repair and maintenance team is equipped with parts for most brands. We can also assist in repairing a Do It Yourself project that you built yourself. We also create custom batteries for these projects.

We are the official repair centre for brands like Boosted Boards and Enertion.

If you want a cost estimate, fill in the form on our repairs page.

Please make sure you have filled a repair request. If your request for repair has been approved you will receive instructions to ship your product to one of the addresses below:

Fatdaddy Amsterdam (repairs)
Street: Kropaarstraat 1B
Postcode: 1032LA
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

Fatdaddy Denmark (repairs)
Street: Vestergade 1
Postcode: 8000
City: Aarhus
Country: Denmark

Made sure you write on the package slip that this includes an item that is going to be repaired.

Repair form