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Zero Z8 Pro


Just like the Z8, the Z8Pro has a solid rear tyre that can never be punctured. The front tyre has been redesigned and is no less than 3 inches wide.

The Pro has a 48V battery which can deliver a bit more power and can reach a speed (in optimal circumstances) between 40 and 45 km/hour. In addition the 8Pro has the largest battery of all light scooters and with 15.6Ah you can theoretically cover a distance of 60 kilometres (factory specification). Of course we don’t see these ideal conditions very often in the Netherlands, so a range between 35 and 50 kilometres is more realistic.

The Z8Pro is further secured with a code pass so nobody can start your 8Pro without you.

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Ordered recently by David from Gothwnburg, Mark from Honolulu & 1 other.