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Zero 11X Extreme


The ZERO 11X pushes the limit between what separates an electric scooter and a motorbike.

This is the most rugged and powerful model in the ZERO series and it does not disappoint. Truly, this is not a machine for every rider, but if you are an enthusiast, the ZERO 11X is what every enthusiast rider would desire. Equipped with dual 1600W high speed motors, achieving a top speed of 95 kmh, the ZERO 11X is the ultimate thrill seekers’ plaything.

The Zero 11X comes with 11-inch off-road tires that can handle any road surface with ease.

Topspeed: 95 km/h
Range: 120km
Highlights: Supremely Powerful, dual 1600W motors, Twin steering pole.

Ordered recently by Felicia from Luleå, wesley from Sint-Truiden & 11 others.