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Raptor 2.1 by Enertion

Fatdaddy is the only EU retailer introducing the Raptor 2.1. The world's most powerful direct drive electric skateboard. Featuring 50km/h top speed and up to 40km range.


Up to 50km/h


Up to 40km


Regenerative braking


2 hours
Good choice, this product is on our bestseller-list!

Enertion Raptor 2.1

(2 customer reviews)


Meet the Enertion Raptor 2.1, the latest and greatest electric skateboard made by Enertion Boards Australia.

The Raptor 2.1 is blazing fast (up to 50+ km/h) and has a ridiculous range of almost 40 kilometers. It’s also voted the best electric skateboard in 2017 and 2018! Rapid charger is included, you don’t pay extra!

Available on backorder

  • Usefull skate lights, a helmet and our Extended Service plan!

    Ride smoother and ride longer and maintain your electric skateboard with Ionic Flux Bearing Oil.

    We recommend wearing protection while riding! Add a certified TSG helmet to your order for the best protection possible.

    We give great service by default but with our Extended Service you will get even more! You never have to pay for parts during repairs and you will also get a free loaner during repairs so you can keep on riding! Protect your purchase and ride carefree.

😎 Contact Fatdaddy with any questions.


We got your back

Nobody likes to worry about their purchase. That's why we got your back from shipping to possible repairs in the future.

Free* delivery in Europe

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  • Kick Tail & Carry Handle
  • Shipping to most locations worldwide
  • Best in class; Speed, Range & Torque
  • Easily transplant electronics onto other decks
  • TriZone silicone ingress seals
  • Sophisticated In-Wheel Technology
  • Thermal management system
  • Rapid charger Included standard – Don’t pay extra
  • Up to 50km/h Top Speed
  • Up to 40km Range
  • Huge Battery (4X Greater than competition)
  • FOCBOX UNITY Motor Controller
  • Regen-Braking System
  • 90mm High Quality Wheels
  • Compact Hand Piece
  • Precision CNC Heat Sink Trucks

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

eBoard Features





2 reviews for Enertion Raptor 2.1

  1. Vytautas

    As soon price will be 1300eu with free delivery I will grab one!
    Overall HOT STUFF!!!

    • Tyler

      The moment it hots €1300 and we will be out of business 😉

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    Board is stable, my motors broke nearly 2 months later. Also before that, I wasn’t able to charge the board full, the charger didn’t turned to the green light and it showed 99 Percent. No reason to worry I thought.
    After a long time waiting I finally got a fixed Board with 2 new motors. Battery Status was the same as I sent in. Went out for a short ride, and then what? First the board loaded until 90 Percent and the charger tuned green. No way to load more. Go for a short ride, try to charge with 69 Percent, no way to manage. So now, I got a reapaird board (motors) yesterday which is still broke,nice. Hope to hear from Tijmen again to fix this. Only problems with that board man, I regret it

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